Tout IN ENGLISH, please!

Aaaaahhhh, now it will be easier to understand what the little French girl talks about!

Yes, I thought it was not a bad idea to translate some information to (or in?) english. The following links will explain you how to navigate and to understand the "blog".

See the articles below.

How to order

If you are interested in my "work", you can contact me by e-mail ( or let a word after the articles and pictures. I will answer you very soon.

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Cooking is my very first addiction. I love that. And I decided to publish some of my recipes on this "blog". Sorry, it is in French...! But you can see the pictures and follow the steps.

The recipes are under the category "RECETTES". Click on this category, you will arrive on the list of recipes.

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Jewels and co

You can see pictures of the jewels under the category "photos". Each title corresponds to a type of jewels, some of them contain subclasses :

colliers = necklace
boucles d'oreille = earrings

bracelets = bracelets
(french is really easy!)

You will also find some accessories ("accessoires"), with subclasses "fleurs" (flowers, to put in your hairs or on your clothes, bags,...) and "broches" (brooch)

The last category of pictures is named "tissus et chiffons". I put in there all the things I try to do with a sewing needle and some thread. I am currently in the learning process.

CAUTION! : there ore often many pages for one category or subclass!

What you need to know about my jewels :

All pieces of jewels I ever made are different. They can be similar, but never the same.
I create jewels made-to-measure. I work in the opposit logic of traditional jewels-makers : people come first to me with a request and I create what they want.
Above all, I do that for the pleasure.

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